The PermaCulture Life

Greetings, fellow nature lovers.
We’re Chris and Jolene. Originally from South Africa but we've had the wonderful privilege to travel and live in various countries around the world. Currently, we are in Ecuador, where we recently bought a small piece of land. On this site, we share our aspirations to live the Permaculture Life. Permaculture is a set of principles and designs where inspiration is drawn from nature and then applied to create a sustainable way of life for all living beings. Our aspiration is to transform the land into an abundant paradise. However, it is a journey, one of discovering, and most importantly, of acquiring knowledge. And so, we invite you to join us on this path of becoming self-reliant.

The Land

Our terrain is a 2-hectare Finca that lies in the foothills of the majestic Andes in Ecuador. We enjoy year-round spring temperatures of 15’C to 27’C, which is excellent for plants and animals. Ample rainfall makes it an evergreen paradise, filled with a multitude of bird species. Our nearest town is Santo Domingo, which is about 25 minutes away, and we are around 3 hours from Quito, the capital.